Zapaygo - going live in 2020

Early in 2019, I was invited to take a look at UK project that made a lot of commercial sense... bringing mass adoption to Utility Tokens that solve simple, everyday problems and improve user experience.

This project now has both Utility Tokens and an upcoming regulated STO.

I am highly selective when evaluating such opportunities, while the project itself attracts streams of users through ingenious third-party mailing lists of ready-to-go customers and subscribers.

Utility Tokens were initially sold at a mere U$ 0.007 and just US$ 100 could buy you over 14,000 tokens. The average projected price for these tokens is US$ 1 each as they act as "customer acquisition & retention tools" for retail volume traffic venues like Conference Centres, large Exhibitions, Football Stadia and Hotels.

In the brief 4 weeks of exchange listing, Tokens (ZHT) were seen as high as 400% to US$ 0.028 however these have temporarily been delisted to reappear on bigger more stable platforms including global top 10 exchanges.

As I type this the Zapaygo Token is offered at 0.025, 4000 Zapaygo tokens, offering great potential upside

To end this year on an amazing note:

Zapaygo Releases MVP App Ready For 2020

Please see Zapaygo's new App on iOS and Google Play by clicking the links below.

When you understand the stature of the companies Zapaygo are partnering with you will grasp the potential of the opportunity.

It's just the beginning, lots of great features to come.

Zapaygo allows you to order ahead at coffee shops, food outlets, restaurants, bars, events spaces, stadiums and many other venues. Helping users and businesses reduce the time wasted in lines, and in so doing, enhancing the service experience for everyone. Zapaygo’s key differentiator from other similar applications is signed contracts with high profile listed and private equity-owned businesses, that sets Zapaygo up for mass adoption

The Verteda EPOS deal, contract can ensure mass adoption. Verteda is used by the majority of the UK’s high profile sports venues including over 60% of premier league football clubs (including but not limited to, Arsenal, Liverpool Man Utd, Man City) and most large concert arenas in the UK (including but not limited to, MEN Arena Manchester, Echo Arena Liverpool, Richo Arena Coventry, Wembley Stadium, Millennium Dome London, Arena Birmingham, Resorts World Birmingham, LG Arena Norwich). As Zapaygo goes live Verteda’s Qjacker App retires.

Because Zapaygo is going to be used in the vast majority of the UK’s sports and concert venues gaining mass adoption will be easier than trying to grow organically in small venues.

Zapaygo has routes into thousands of other Food & Beverage venues

Verteda EPOS has approximately 1m weekly transactions in the UK alone, and they have a presence in 21 countries. The large sports and music venues that zapaygo goes live in will say to their customers (collectively tens of millions) hey, download Zapaygo ready for when your next visit our venue/venues, if you don’t have a ticket already, don’t worry, download the App anyway as your user I.D gives you the chance to win event tickets on a weekly basis, this will ensure mass adoption of users and venues. Following the UK we have lots of international launch opportunities.

Message from CEO Elliot Hall

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Disclaimer : I am not a financial advisor, please carry our your own research and only spend what you can afford to lose :  Please do not use money you need to pay mortgage, rent, and buy food.

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