Working From Home

After my redundancy I looked at Home Based Working and now most of my income comes from the Online Business Niche but it has not been plain sailing, its a very steep learning curve so its not for everyone.

I remember thinking back then I could never learn and do the things that Online Marketers do but with application, desire and focus it can be done, just avoid the “Get Rich Schemes” and its possible with right endeavour.

There are other benefits

It has been a great awakening for me, initially my goal was simply to create a income so I could look after my family and live on my own terms without having to deal with a boss but with more experience and education I now understand its much much more than that.

With the right education and mindset I realised that understanding money and wealth creation is part of a bigger plan to both empower myself and other people willing to make the same journey.

Unfortunately there are some very unethical marketers out there happy to take money off vulnerable and inexperienced people.