The Pensions Timebomb

Passing the pension time bomb.

Pensions have become a massive liability for governments . When it comes down to it they have failed to make adequate provision for the future which will result in Pension Fund deficits and effect many hard working people.

Whether you accept the article or not is not the issue but are you prepared to trust your future on the hope that your pension plan has been managed well enough to give you a sufficient retirement income.

Its a fact that the day we retire most of us will see a paycut compared to our salary so its prudent to have a Plan B to make sure you have a living wage. Pensions  may sound boring and long way off but the earlier you start the easier it will be. Don’t leave it until its too late.

I’m not suggesting for one minute that you throw all your savings into a pension as I think that boat may have sailed already but spreading your risk through Gold, Silver and Bitcoin is worthy of consideration.

Gold and Silver

Gold and Silver are traditional tools used to combat the impact of inflation outperform paper currency as history has shown. It protects your wealth and useful for passing onto future generations.


Bitcoin, or more specifically Bitcoin Mining provides the income and cashflow that Gold and Silver does not.

Bitcoin Miners are rewarded for solving mathmatical calculations using their computer and connect to the Bitcoin Network. In the past this could easily be performed at home but has largely been overtaken by large scale Cloud Based Mining Operations.

Nowadays you can purchase Bitcoin Mining contracts from these operations where they do all the heavy lifting for you and you get paid a daily dividend which is very lucrative and will beat any savings or investments offered by your bank or financial advisor

The link below will explain the economics behind Bitcoin

Economics of Bitcoin – How It Works

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