STORH Engage DealBox to attract US Accredited Investors

STORH have signed an agreement with venture capital fundraising and private equity investment company DealBox that will help the company reach out to a significant number of high net worth US investors.

Based in San Diego, DealBox will act as an advisor and offer a platform for RegD offerings in the US market to both institutional and high net worth investors.

This opens the door to for what the SEC class as “accredited investors” . These include institutions such as banks, insurance comapanies and registered investment companies. It also includes individuals with a net worth of more than $1 million, or and an income over $200, 000 for individuals and $300,000 for couples.

DealBox was launched 30 years ago and has a team comprised of capital markets veterans, expert technologists, design experts, and creative visionairies’. It has served 400 companoes and has 146,000 users.

STORH already has assets in the US including oilfields in Lousisana, Mississippi and the recently completed purchase of Raccoon Bend, Texas. These assets underpin the the value of the company, and the Racoon Bend purchase is able to support the rising value of the token by 20% from 1 October.

It is highly likely that these investors will focus on STORH’s Quantrum deals, which start at 9,000 euros. If just 1% of DealBox’s clients like the STORH offering and buy into this option this has the potential to raise over $13 million for STORH.

This is a very exciting development, and one that could help propel STORH to achieving its immediate goals sooner than later by allowing the company to buy more income producing assets at a faster rate.

The acquisition of these assets will help STORH achieve their projected token price of 4 euros more quickly so they can move to list on a public exchange

The offering process with DealBox could take up to eight weeks to finalise, after which a formal announcement will be made

STORH equity tokens are also available outside of the US

You can find out more by following this link STORH

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