Introducing STORH™

The energy and resource investment platform for Polystream Technology



“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.” – Robert Swan, Author


A Global Crisis and an opportunity to do good

Worldwide, we produce around 350 million tons of plastic waste each year. That's equivalent to the entire weight of the human population. Most of that waste will eventually end up in our oceans and landfills unless we do something about it.


 At Polystream Technology, we have developed a way to convert all that plastic waste back into energy and profit from the process.


By taking action today, you too can share in the rewards.

Polystream Technologies - Turning Trash into Cash


During 2020 STORH will be collaborating with Polystream plastic-energy iniative with Blackrock Midstream. The first PolyStream waste plastic pyrolysis processing plant will break ground in the central US. An integrated supply chain approach to market the pyrolysis oil gives the PolyStream project significant advantages as well as creating the potential for attractive yields and capital gains.



STORH is an equity and commodities platform that is focused on the conversion of waste plastics to oils, fuels and other valuable liquids and their integrated supply chain.

STORH is about doing good and addressing today’s plastics and energy crises—while also generating significant returns for investors.

STORH is a digital share backed by tangible producing assets which will produce for the next 25-30 years.

Opportunities exist within a single vehicle, backed by direct asset ownership and a team with deep industry expertise.




STORH was born out of a desire to create a sustainable and commercially driven techology platform that helps address the growing plastic waste problem that exists today. 

Imagine a world where waste plastic is bought and sold like any commodity because it has value, it has commercial appeal and produces profits for its shareholders. This is where the market is heading and the benefits for our planets delicate eco-system are obvious.

Addressing a crisis of global proportions 

Less than 10% of single-use plastic globally is recycled. This waste plastic goes into landfill where it finds its way into our rivers and streams and eventually our oceans.


Polystream is multi profit center model which adds margin to the downstream sales of product generated from converting plastic to liquids and fuels by upgrading the products through our proprietary process. Given the sensitivity to market pricing this is what sets us apart from our competitors.


OUR FOUNDATION ASSET - Raccoon Bend, Texas 

While our focus in on Plastics-to Energy the company is built on solid foundation

Texas oil-producing field of approximately 5,600 acres is handled by an existing strong management team with whom STORH has a successful history of collaboration spanning more than seven years. Dividends are anticipated in July 2020

Raccoon Bend provides a solid foundation, a cashflow producing asset while the company develops new revenue streams in its Polysteam plastic-energy recycling project.

Raccoon Bend has been active since the early 1920s, has produced over 3.8M barrels and now has  4.22M barrels in reserves, The site has scope to increase the already steady daily production of approx. 750 daily barrels with potential to increase to 1000 barrels per days. Estimates suggest a long productivity life of 25+ years on the supply side.

Wealth Creation - Wealth Protection - Generational Wealth


Opportunities like STORH that offer high gains are rare and usually reserved for wealth investors with the right social circle and very deep pockets. This business exists as it is built on relationships that were formed  around two decades ago.

Connect with successful wealthy people 

History and Background 

2008 : Precious Metals

Utopian Global was founded in 2008 by CEO Bill Rowell whose mission was to put gold and silver in the hands of ordinary people and continues to do so today.

Metals are sourced from Argor-Herareus, one of 5 Top LBMA referee refiners who supply 20% of the worlds precious metals

2016 : Bitcoin Mining

 In 2016 the company formed a strategic rerlationship with Genesis Mining based out of Germany who have featured in various media publications. Bitcoin Mining offered customers a passive income which could be used to purchase gold and silver or lifestyle money.

2019 : Energy Assets

In 2019  a longer term sustainable income was introduced from the profits of real tangible Energy Assets via the STORH platform. Today the Utopian Global eco-system offers access to a multi-asset platform where you can create additional cashflow and diversify your portfolio across a range of asset classes.

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