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Use your earnings to accumulate your Gold and Silver and/or Cryptocurrency to provide a financial hedge against depreciating FIAT currencies

Is your money safe in your bank?

Is Bitcoin Mining profitable?

Due to the drop in Bitcoin price and the increase in the difficulty factor Bitcoin Cloud Mining is no longer profitable so I am not longer marketing this. However Swiss Gold Global will be launching a new Passive Income Stream which is not dependent on Crypto Mining.

Is Your Money safe with the  Banks?

The Banks have agreed new powers which means they  can seize savers deposits (Bail Ins) to refinance the Banks when the next Financial Crisis  occurs.

Bill Rowell CEO
Swiss Gold Global

Bill Rowell CEO of Swiss Gold Global in conversation with Philip Judge Bullion Banker

Philip Judge and Bill Rowell discuss, emerging markets, precious metals, cryptocurrency, energy, natural resources and the challenges facing Governments, Banks and the Financial Sector.

Business Overview

Argor Hereaus
Argor Hereaus are the largest supplier of Precious Metals in the World and are one of 5 Referee Refiners accredicated with the London Bullion Market Association. Swiss Gold Global have a held a licence with Argor Hereaus since 2008.

Genesis Mining

Started in 2013, Genesis Mining has grown into the world's largest cloud-based blockchain and cryptocurrency mining company, used by bitcoin miners the world overand feature regulary on the Blockchain circuit.

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The Swiss Gold Global Compensation Plan was designed by Mike Sheffield Associates of Scotsdale, Arizona and is compliant in all 50 US States 

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