How much is your bank paying you ?
Would you like to become a part-owner in an Energy Company?

Sustainable passive  income from the profits of tangible income producing  assets
 This low risk strategy includes multiple  income streams that you can plug into.

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"A Diversified Energy Fund"


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​Visit to Oil and Natural Gas fields in Texas November 2018

 Featuring  Ryan Messer CEO of the STORH Energy Fund

and Bill Rowell CEO of Utopian Global

This Oil field in Texas stands at 5600 acres and has been pumping oil since the  1930s and has supply for another 25 years

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The STORH project uses a phased approach where the company are leading with the Legacy Assets (Oil and Gas) as these have history that spans decades and offers approximately 20 years for future supply. During this building phase, as funds are raised via the sale of STORH the company will purchase new assets to increase cashflow and as these assets flow onto the company balance sheet the price of STORH will increase in value.

New assets will include Renewables (solar, wind and tidal power), Mining of precious metals and minerals, Plastic Recycling Plants, Midstream, Water Reclamation so a very compelling roadmap.

When you purchase STORH tokens you became a stakeholder in the company, an equity owner. It is  like buying stocks and shares and you will receive profits according to the number of STORH you hold.

We use the blockchain to assign ownership of your STORH token and distribute profits

"backed by real physical assets"

 Business Overview


Interview with the STORH Team, May 2019


Interview with Operational Oil & Gas Engineer, May 2019

Webinar Presentation


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