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Introducing Bill Rowell CEO Swiss Gold Global

and Bullion Banker Phillip Judge


Bill Rowell CEO Swiss Gold Global is an Australian now living in Zurich.  Bill was a successfull Hotelier while living in Melbourne before learning about “Money, Gold and Silver”. Phillip Judge was instrumental in Bills realisation of “How Money Worked” and helping Bill secure the last remaining licence from Argor Hereaus global leader in provision of Precious Metals. Swiss Gold Global provides secure, easy and accessible gold and silver based savings to everyone at wholesale pricing, while providing a simple liquid platform for everyday payments.Swiss Gold Global® recognized the future of money with the evolution of cryptographic currency, block chain developments and global payment systems. Today we help thousands of people easily exchange between crypto currency to Swiss certified pure gold and silver or liquidate to their nominated payment account.

World Class Products and Services

Argor Hereaus Gold Bullion 

Genesis Cloud Mining Solutions

​Argor Hereaus Silver Bullion 

The Company 

Swiss Gold Global was founded in 2008 by CEO Bill Rowell and their mission has been to bring Gold and Silver within the reach  of ordinary people and pass on Financial and Educational knowledge

Gold, Silver, & Cloud Mining

Free to join, feel free to browse our website and view our products. When you are ready you can select your purchase. We accept Bank Wire, Debit/Credit Card and Bitcoin

Multiple Income Streams

We offer a choice of income streams including Passive Income from our Cloud Based Mining Operations and for Business Builders our Distributor Program.

Strategic Partnerships

Swiss Gold Global is registered in Zurich and have Strategic Partnerships with Argor Hereaus of Switzerland and Genesis Munich

Spotlight on Genesis Mining

Interview featuring Bill Rowell founder and CEO Swiss Gold Global and Stefan Schindler CTO Genesis Mining

Genesis Mining have their Head Office located in Munich, Germany. Founded in 2010 they have developed into the leading Bitcoin and ALT Coin Cloud Mining Operation outside of China and and are highly regarded in the industry. The company are regulary found on the Blockchain Forum Circuit and often feature as Key Note Speakers. 

Gold and Silver Integrity – Bill Rowell

 Bill Rowell founder and CEO Swiss Gold Global explaining our Precious Metals

Argor Heraeus’ key business focuses on refining mined gold, recycling precious metals and the industrial processing of bars, coins, alloys and semi-finished products. They are pretty much the largest refiner in the world and have a large footprintThe Argor refinery, which has been in operation since 1951, is one of the largest in the world and one of only five refineries in Switzerland to be accredited by the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) for good delivery.

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Swiss Gold Global in partership with Argor Hereaus and Genesis Mining