Everyone needs a Plan B

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Today the Smart Money uses Digital Assets like Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency to create passive income and then use this leverage to diversify into physical assets like Gold and Silver,  scroll down to find out more about how this eco-system works 

The Rise Of Cryptocurrency

The interest in Cryptocurrency and specifically Bitcoin has accelerated in the last 18 months and its probably exceeded most peoples expectations.  Few of us could have imagined the metoric rise in the Bitcoin price during 2017 to the point where ordinary people are now living comfortable from their earnings or are close to achieving Financial Freedom.

However, most people are simply purchasing the coin and holding it until selling for profit later, which due to the volatile nature of Bitcoin can be  a "wild ride" 

Bitcoins are created by a mechanical process called Bitcoin Mining where the miners use powerful computers connected to the Bitcoin Network to solve complex mathamatical calculations and are rewarded in Bitcoin for their part in the process.

When Bitcoin came on the scene back in 2009 this was easier but largely unheard of but today Bitcoin Mining is "Big Business" very profitable and its an automated process so its in very high demand.

Todays Bitcoin Miners are typically Opportunity Seekers tapping into Cloud Based Mining Operations where they get paid passively in Bitcoin Mining Rewards which is paid daily into their private Bitcoin wallets

The great thing about Bitcoin Cloud Mining is that we get paid whether the Bitcoin Price goes Up, Down or Sideways

How good is that ?

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Precious Metals and Cloud Mining Contracts at Wholesale Prices

Best value for money on the Planet today

Beat the Banks - Get Paid Daily in Bitcoin Mining Rewards 

Use your Bitcoin Mining Rewards to accumulate your Gold and Silver,  or to draw an income or hold for the longer term.  You can  also use your Bitcoin Mining Rewards to diversify into Altcoin Contracts like Ethereum, ZCash and Monero.  Bitcoin Mining Contracts are Open Ended meaning they will continue to pay while Bitcoin Mining remains profitable.

Such is the demand for Cloud Mining Contracts that supply does run out from time to time and new contracts are not available. Existing Contracts however continue to pay in accordance wilth stated terms and conditions. 

Swiss Gold Global Cloud Mining Contracts start with a one off purchase. There are no joining fees or monthly fees.

Is your money safe in the Bank?

Is Your Money safe with the  Banks?

In 2014 the G20 Nations reached agreement  giving Banks new powers to seize savers deposits (Bail Ins) to refinance the Banks when the next Financial Crisis  occurs.

Having some of your savings diversified into Bitcoin, Crypto  and Precious Metals away from the Banking System as a Plan B for when the Banks run into problems again is a practical step.

What the heck is Bitcoin?

Where do Bitcoins come from?

Approximately 1800 Bitcoins are created every day. These are created (mined) by Bitcoin Miners who pool resources to solve mathamatical puzzles and are rewarded with Bitcoin fractuals every day.

There will only ever be a maximum of 21M Bitcoins,  resulting in a scarcity value like Gold a contributing factor driving the demand and price for Bitcoin.

You can withdraw your earnings via your local ATM, spend where Debit Cards are accepted or swap into Gold and Silver.

How to get paid daily in Bitcoin

Is Bitcoin Mining Profitable ?

Swiss Gold Global customers have been successfully earning over triple digits annually from Bitcoin Mining. While Mining Rewards have far exceeded expectations, these Mining Rewards are not guaranteed and its possible you could lose your money.

Get paid daily in Bitcoin fractuals direct to your Bitcoin wallet and watch them grow.

Bitcoin Miners who got paid Bitcoin Mining Rewards in January 2017 have seen their Bitcoin increase over 1900% in 12 months against the US Dollar.

Cloud Mining Contracts for Ethereum, ZCash and Monero are also available. 

Datestamp Dec 2017

Bill Rowell CEO and founder Swiss Gold Global

Strategic Partners

Marco Streng CEO Genesis Mining 

Genesis Mining

Genesis Mining are the largest Cloud Mining operation on the planet. They are a Billion Dollar company with Mining Servers across  across the world and feature regulary on the Blockchain circuit as Keynote Speakers.

This video will show you that Cryptocurrency is Big Business and that our strategic partner Genesis are forging strong relationships with large companies sharing the same vision as them.

Note: As a customer of Swiss Gold Global you can purchase Genesis Mining Contracts from us @ Cost Price. In other words you get the mining contracts at the same price, same hashpower and same maintenance fees as if you were going direct to Genesis themselves.

Moving up a gear

Passive Bitcoin Mining Rewards

Earn Cloud Mining Rewards in Bitcoin and Altcoins that are paid daily to your private crypto wallet. Use these earnings to buy Gold and Silver or withdraw for living expenses.

9 Additional Sources of Income

Follow our simple system to build instant cashflow and build for Rank Advancement to earn 9 different sources of income

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The Swiss Gold Global Compensation Plan was designed by Mike Sheffield Associates of Scotsdale, Arizona and is compliant in all 50 US States 

History Of Bitcoin

Bitcoin Documentary

Australian Documentary on the history of Bitcoin, how it is evolving and why it could pave the way for the Future of Money.

Swiss Gold Global - Where it all began

Bill Rowell CEO Swiss Gold Global and Phillip Judge Bullion Banker 

discuss the history of Swiss Gold Global and the  role of Gold and Silver 

Speaking from Zurich in Switzerland Bill Rowell CEO Swiss Gold Global shows the quality of the Argor Hereaus Gold

Using the Swiss Gold Global  Platform you can swap your Bitcoin and Altcoin Mining rewards into  Argor Hereaus Gold and Silver, or liquidate your Gold and Silver and convert that into Bitcoin or local currency. 

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