My Eco-System

The Buzz World these days in our new world of Technology and Innovation is Eco-System so I have taken the liberty of using it here, as that is pretty much what it is anyway

Ok, let me get the tricky stuff out of the way first

When it comes to making money online, typically for first timers its very overwhelming so usually its a case of information overload, following the wrong people, getting ripped off or other barriers to starting like lack of cashflow, high entry fees, recruitment, faith in the company, or just plain confusing.

Pretty much most people would like “Passive Income” but unfortunately reliable ones are hard to find and even worse the promoters and marketers know this so offer very lucrative big commissions and incentives so first lesson is don’t buy their crap.

There are good and legitimate ones to be found but its healthy to be skeptical

Here’s the thing, you are here for a reason;

1). You haven’t got enough money to pay your bills

2) You can pay your bills but you know you are living on borrowed time and if you lost your current income you don’t have a “Back Up” plan

3). You have disposable income but you realise its sensible to generate other income streams just in case and realise your pension will not be enough to live on

4). You have realised the state of the economy is not healthy and the banking systems are not up to the job so are looking for a way to both create and protect wealth now and in the future.

The Action Plan

1). Generate Cashflow  – the aim is to generate cashflow from legitimate sources and use this income to build your own eco-system.

2). Income Producing Assets – These are your Cashflow Generators which be passive income or  an online business that that pays you residual income once you have out some effort in

 3.) Protect Wealth – for example physical assets that are an excellent store of value, meaning they can be used as an inflation or financial hedge, or to reduce inheritance tax which is why Central Banks, Hedge Funds and the Wealthy hold reserves in Gold and Silver

4). Diversification – how to diversify your portfolio across different asset classes


Disclaimer: I am not a regulated financial advisor and neither am I offering financial advise. I am simply sharing with you how I generate income from my online businesses and use those earning to collect and accumulate assets. Some of the methods would be considered highly speculative and risky so its possible you might lose some of all of your investment.