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Welcome to the Main Hub where I share m eco-system of income producing assets and wealth protecting 


Swiss Gold Global 

Precious Metals Operation out of Swizterland founded in 2008 they have a strategic partnership with Argor Hearues who are the largest refiner of precious metals in the world and one of 5 LBMA referee refiners. In 2016 they added a new partnership with Genesis Mining who are a leading Cloud Based Cryptocurrency Mining operation who feature regulary on the Blockchain circuit and in the media.


20 Again 

A UK based operation which combines the power of e-commerce and the emergence of cryptocurrency.

Customers can use FIAT currency or IZEcoin to purchase goods and services from the 20Again platform and goods are dropshipped to their door. Affiliates can earn commissions on product sales and share in the revenue generated from IZEcoin transaction fees. 


Imarkets Live

IMarkets Live is the brainchild of Christopher Terry a very successful Forex Trader. Since 2013 he has built a platform worthy of consideration. This would suit those of you willing to learn a new skillset  of for those of you who are time poor they also send trade ideas to your smart phone which can be excecuted on the fly.



Masternodes are growing in popularity as they offer passsive income. However cost and technical knowhow  are often a barrier to entry but this solution makes this possible for everyone.

My eco -system comprises of income producing assets and wealth protection strategies and has been created to help cashflow and asset accumulation

Bill Willmott

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