STORH Private Equity Invitation

STORH Private Equity Invitation

Do you know anyone who would be interested in taking a stake in an Asset Management Company?

STORH are a crowdfunded Asset Management Company in the Energy Space.

Energy Sources


The business is innovative as it raises funds through the sale of STORH Blockchain tokens using the Ethereum ERC223 protcol.

STORH : Sustainable Technology and Resource Holdings

The Blockchain is used to assign owership of the equity to the token holders so they are like digital shares.

Phased Approach

First Round of Funding

The funds are then used to used to purchase real physical assets and the management team behind STORH have their sights on an Oil and Gas field in Texas.

This asset is well known to the STORH team and therefore they know the value and the potential for the site.

The asset has been pumping oil since the 1930s and has substancial reserves with a potential 30 year supply.

STORH tokens are now on sale from 0.25 euros with a potential 10X-20X return, based upon its future asset aquisition program.

For more information please ask for a copy of our White Paper

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