Private Equity Invitation

Unique Private Equity Investment


Private Equity Invitations are usually only made available to a select few. 

Sophisticated accredited investors who move in the right circles and as a result many people are excluded from these kind of opportunities.

"Private Equity Investment is no longer the preserve of a select wealthy group "

A Value Proposition

We are in a unique position to offer you access to opportunities not normally available to the general public

"The Big Money is made before a companys' stock is listed on a public exchange"

Private Equity

Private equity is an alternative investment class and consists of capital that is not listed on a public exchange and is composed of funds and investors that directly invest in private companies

High Growth Opportunities

Benefit from Sustainable High Growth Opportunities

Utopian Global

Utopian Global are a marketing company with exclusive rights to market the STORH range of products and services. Founded in 2008 they also offer the finest Gold and Silver Bullion from LBMA referee refiner Argor Hereaus of Switzerland who are one of the largest refiners in the world.


STORH are an asset management company offering Private Equity Investment via an energy and technology driven platform. Funds are raised from sales of the STORH asset backed tokens which are used to purchase a range of cashflow producing assets.

Investment Opportunity

STORH is an opportunity for investors to purchase equity in the company at discounted prices before the shares are listed on a public traded exchange. This can offer significant gains for the investor.

Blockchain Technology

STORH is like a digital share and represents your equity in the company. The Blockchain Token is used to to assign ownership of the shares to investors and you can liquidate your tokens once we are listed on the exchange.

Token Value Proposition

This roadmap illustrates the company plans leading into 2020/2021. The STORH tokens will be listed on a public exchange when the share price reaches 4EUR.

 which would equate to a 7.8X return as of December 2019.

STORH Oil and Gas Field Purchase

6 August 2019 - STORH announce settlement of Raccoon Bend, Texas. This asset has been has been productive since the 1930s and has enough supply for 25+ years. STORH token holders own 12% of the asset alongside industry professionals and high net worth investors.


What is STORH 

Ryan Messer CEO of STORH

"STORH** stands for Sustainable Technology and Resource Holdings. So we are taking traditional investments like mineral and energy and we are applying modern technology to make those assets more sustainable and more ethical"


Business Presentation Webinar

Ryan Messer CEO of STORH explains the STORH business model and the opportunity for our members to benefit from proven income streams while helping recycling plastic in usable commodities.

Phased Approach

  1. 1
    Phase 1 - Acquisition and development (increased production) of Racoon Bend Oil and Gas site in Texas
  2. 2
    Phase 2 - Polystream : Recycling Waste Plastic and converting this back into products which helps our planet and turning a good profit for our customers
  3. 3
    Phase 3 - Mineral Reclamation and Remediation projects in Peru and Ecuador

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